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Progressive Web Application (PWA) Progressive Web Application (PWA) 1.0

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- Functionality to set the application name at admin end.
- Admin can upload and change the application icon.
- Functionality to set the splash background colour of the Progressive Web Application.
- Option to set the theme colour of the Progressive Web Application.
- The user can be prompted to Add to Home Screen.
- Admin can set loader to display while navigating in the web app for a more user-friendly application.
- More user-friendly than a web application.
- Works lightning fast if compared to the website.
- Completely responsive on all the platforms.
- Launches with the low-quality Internet.
- Looks and feels like a native application.
- Users do not need to update progressive web application.
- No app store is required for managing the application.


  • Instant Loading -- Service workers allow your apps to load nearly instantly and reliably, no matter what kind of network connection your users is on.
  • Add To Home Screen – Web app installs banners give you the ability to let your users quickly and seamlessly add your web app to their home screen, making it easy to launch and return to your app.
  • Joomla Web Push Notifications add-on Support– Web push notifications make it easy to re-engage with users by showing relevant, timely, and contextual notifications, even when the browser is closed. So you can use Joomla Web Push Notification extension along with this PWA plugin to get the notification features.
  • Fast – Smooth scrolling and navigations keep the experience silky smooth.
  • Secure – HTTPS secures the connection between you and your users, ensuring your user’s information is protected and isn’t tampered with. Responsive – Modern users live on phones, tablets, and laptops, your apps and websites should do the same.
Created 2018-11-09
Updated 2018-11-09
Version 1.0
Size 1.37 MB
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