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Backstretcher Backstretcher 1.0

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When you start to work with the module you need to set-up the following paramters:

  • Upload the images in the ../images/ folder in the root of your site
  • Select the images in the module parameters
  • Add module position
  • Assign the module to selected Joomla menus
  • Add "Element" - this is the ID of the HTML container where the images will be loaded. In our demo page this is "#ja-wrapper" - you can check the code with firebug or chrome inspector to find the main container of your template.

Available options:

  •  Images - you can select, order and remove the images that will be rotated. You can add as many as you wish number of images.
  •  Element - the id of the html container where the images will be loaded. Example "#ja-wrapper".
  •  Fade - the speed of the fadding effect
  • Speed - time to change to next image
  •  Enable jQuery - backstrech can load instance of jquery library
Created 2017-01-07
Updated 2017-01-07
Version 1.0
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